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Based in Seattle, I specialize in creative and unique approaches to still-life, adventure and portraits.    

I took my first photo class in high school, later receiving a Fine Arts degree from Washington State University.  After school, I assisted photographers in Seattle working on a variety of projects. I was most inspired by photojournalists who worked with simple gear yet had to crank out creative portraits in an unfamiliar location in less than an hour. 

Additional education came from photo workshops with epic photographers such as Jay Maisel, Len Jenshel, Doug Menuez, David Hiser, Sam Abell and Doug Wilson.  

In the late 1990's, I moved to LA for a short period and assisted Damon Productions on car shoots, PA'd for the Curve Your Enthusiasm pilot and signed with the Jan Kesner Gallery for my Miniatures work.  Missing the rain (??) I soon moved back to Seattle.  

In 1999 ish, I signed with Getty Images and my assignment career also began to take off. For the next decade, I did jobs for a variety of clients for still-life, travel and portrait imagery. Volunteering for the ASMP, I created photo business education events.   

When the 'Great Recession' hit, like many photogs, I began to get burned out and left the photo business. In 2010, I started a stand up paddling school in Seattle and authored two paddling guides for Mountaineers Books. Keeping my creative side alive, I also contributed words and images to several SUP and kayaking publications.

Thanks to my iPhone and Instagram, I've managed to keep my vision active and improving. 

I've recently regained my passion and stoke for photography as a business and have re-entered the photo biz.  I'm also offering photo workshops.

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